Friday, July 4, 2008

Workplace Utopia is a Myth: Darn

When meeting new people, I think there are far more first questions about work than even getting the names right. That says something about how people view themselves and others as opposed to 'being'. Human knowing, human working, human doing and not human being. Hope you get the point.

Being said that, invariably, most people want dream jobs and so dream workplace environments. Some, like me, are able to peddle wares without leaving home. Oh, the many ooohs and ahhs I get. But it is far from being rosy as the lines between personal and household time gets blurred with being 'productive'. Still weighing the pros and cons, I'd rather not spend money on gas and big plus is I get to be with my kid.

My point is workers can only be grouped as a collective in terms of earning money (why's and w's of salary) and work results or outcomes (the product or services the group contributes to). As far as needs, wants and other interests - it is mostly anybody's guess. Short or long leash, wads or trickle of money, own space or group space - the list goes on. What will
work (pun unintended) is dependent on deep personal interests as they are aligned with company vision. And as these two intersect more than diverge, I think it is as close to a good match as there will ever be. Calling it work won't suffice; I'd rather it be called 'life's work'. Awww.

And we thought
Sergey and a few lucky (or duh) ones had it good. But to each his own and to thine self be true. Just in Nick of time for this post.

So 'What should I do with my life?'