Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being Cuil and not Popular Ain't That Bad

Either you're spending way too much time offline and you haven't even heard - Uncuil. I mean Cuil. I like their take on 'popular' as not always important and on serendipitous search. Google-killer? I think Google has more lives than a cat but hey, even sabre-tooths became extinct.

Taking on Google
Good but not great.
hiccups, finally, gets going.
Dark version? Uhmm. Mysterious, yes.

Speaking of Dark: The only
dark that matters for now so Expand your Batman Knowledge.

F8: Never leave anything to chances.

Facebook Connect to conquer the world
Fb Fund seems promising.
Here are the winners! Have they heard about the Morph Appspace, hope they use it for their deployments because it is made to scale!
Hold it! What facebook didn't announce but should've.

I've just began to tinker with it but you should try it out for yourself. No kidding.
Mixx.Com Mixx is your link to the web content that really matters.

Different kind of mix. The kind I used to make regularly until recordable cds arrived.
Mixa is cool. Really!
Admirable and scary.
Yahoo pays back! They're still the Number 1 content site in my book.