Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spread the Love (and Labs,

Bumper Sticker by Liz Davey

Stick it Up: Who would've thought that LinkedIn would have the biggest Rails apps in Facebook? Not me by a longshot but they do! Bumper Stickers is what they call it and it wasn't easy coming up with one.

Still for Facebook addicts - Games

This is a Stick Up!: When it rains, it pours. The Google exodus has been written of a lot and now reading about thisthis isn't going to make them like-able especially with kids.

And Instead, what we want more of! Spread It.
Kiva. Loans that Change Lives. Amen.

Refrigeration without electricity from Adam Grosser. Intermittent Absorption Refrigeration. Say what?

Using the fridge to, err, promote a book! Miranda July: I thought it was really cool! Spread the word online and earn. Not gimmick, you &*@#! It's called Affiliate Program. Understood? Or go to the blogs in case you need more proof.

The tail keeps getting longer even with The Long Tail (but this one isn't an endorsement).