Saturday, December 22, 2007

IT and Christmas: Grappling with relevance for those who can't afford it

It's inevitable! Christmas gets me introspective. It happens every year. You see people in mad rush everywhere - shopping bags in tow. And yes, traffic is insane. All the worrying about decors and gifts, it just gets into my bad side.

It doesn't mean that I don't like preparing for Christmas. But this isn't what I have in mind. Sure, I love getting kids and loved ones presents. However, not to the point of obsessing over it. Not while there are people, and plenty of them who just needs to get by the day, with a meal or two if lucky.

And how about IT and Tech stuff? Bubble, technopreneurs and social networking. They are good stuff. Open source, SaaS and low cost PCs, even better! Those who doesn't want these are probably out of touch with the 'buzz'! Or maybe, it's just that they are preoccupied with where to find food for the table.

So does Christmas and IT stuff really matter for the majority who live in poverty? Let me think.
  • Christmas brings out that burst of generosity, even for just a week or month. It's not livelihood or steady income for the poor but it's a windfall. It's the season to be active and busy for company CSRs!
  • IT and Tech offers year-round innovations. There's no limit to what it can create. Or is there? Cloud computing, kick-ass apps and websites with a million hits. It gets you connected with everyone, everywhere. It's just that it's only for those with PC's and people who can afford electricity.
Christmas brings hope. And so does IT! Hope that there's an application that will turn the tech world around it's bun like Google and uhh, Facebook. Which leads to CSR? Probably.

I can't think of anything else, really. Maybe other people have better ideas. Sure, tech has done a lot to providing solutions that trickle down to the masses especially in the field of communications. Like affordable mobile phones and making 'greener' machines that doesn't accelerate the Earth's free fall to oblivion.

But it just leaves me thinking that there might just be a better way for IT to be directly relevant to millions of poor people. At least, Christmas magically puts a smile and some cheers to them and not to discount the power of inspiration; which leaves IT and Tech the responsibility of putting food on the table and jobs, if possible.

Wishful thinking? Hope not. I really do.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

An E-Juice video!

Simple, concise and straight to the point that will surely warm a tech guy's heart.

And almost forgot what is most important, that it's hilarious, too!

And they had to take it down. Dang. Sorry you missed it.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Morph, MorpheXchange and MorphhelpME

Finally, in Asia!

SaaS "Software as a Service" ! Check them here.

And what is Morph helpME ?

"The Morph helpME application is an on-demand, always-on application that provides you with the tools necessary to create and deliver rich content to your users. This guide allows you to learn how to create multimedia help and training solutions for your project, team, or organization using the Morph helpME application."

This is a service that will prove useful especially for those collaborating on projects; who wish to document and publish contents systematically, efficiently and creatively while rendered available by demand 24/7 on the web. What's more - there is no need to pay for software cause it's free!

Coming out with a bang, Philippine -style

What a time to free this blog!

Thanks (but no thanks) to the coup plotters who are engaged in a stand-off at this time at the Manila Peninsula, this date will be extra memorable.

How will this affect the country's economy? For the different business industries, investors and of course, the working class Filipinos?

Though most of the Filipino techies and webbies stay glued to their PCs and laptops most of the time, I bet they still cannot shake off this cloud of gloom and check for developments by heading to the merry TV broadcasts now and then.