Friday, July 25, 2008

Web as Windmills; Open Source, Clouds and Social Media

We'll get to windmills later near the end of the post ...

Go Open Source! Follow OSCON in Portland and check out the Rubyists there. You might just bump into some people.

Sweetcron: Open Source that looks Interesting. Go ahead and sign-up for the invites.

More Cloud Stuff (till everybody agrees that it isn't just condensed H2O)

Cloud Review
Cloud Sectors to Watch. Please read through the comments and you might see an alphadog help push awareness for Yaaay!

Social Media: Giving Cloud a run for buzzword top 'o the list

What the f**ck is it? Use of expletive from author but sound just how most of us would feel.

I'm still in baby steps so I need more of this to really learn what it's like. Social Media Club

Noise to Signal: Social Web in Cartoons. Just hits the spot and more fun!

It's not just about the posts and most of the time the gems are in the comments so why not put these on center stage? Every Dot Connects just did that.
Don Quixote would really lose it if he finds the web like this!

Finding Dulcinea: Bills itself as the Library of the Internet. About finding meaning in the wealth of the web and best sites for every topic. Call me Sancho Panza


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