Thursday, November 27, 2008

Portent of SaaS: Web Collab Tools A Plenty

Try to sweeten the deal with SaaS

Still not SaaS-tisfied? No worry and just test these web based collab tools.

Hitch with co-creators and get to the 1% through these tools.
Issuu + EtherPad + DoingText + TextFlow = More collaborative webwork-style doc tools, great for users. Don't forget there's helpMe too!

So does MSFT's Office. Coming to a Mac near you!

SaaS might be victim of credit crunch, too.

Chris Anderson on reappraisal of the Long Tail.

But can you predict online popularity? Maybe HP can help...

On cloud computing service, IBM will help... certify
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vanishing Acts: Google Lively, Print, CEO (and my viewing pleasures)


Much of what I read on the web nowadays is about tech which practically skyrocketed to the clouds because of my present job. Yet of course, I also like reading about other things, like basketball for example. I try to keep abreast of what's happening, whether NBA or NCAA since I don't get to watch the games on TV anymore [because my kid owns the remote].

Anyway, interesting when these two fave topics cross paths but not in a feel-good sort of event. Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban on defense against the Team USA - SEC! More on the case.

Google Lively? Unplugged. Irony.

Apparently, today's 'heat' is just too much for execs so out of Yahoo, Jerry goes! Possible replacements?

Paper cuts used to mean being micro-sliced usually on the fingers but now it means 'less dead tree publishing'. PC Magazine, Adieu. On the other hand, Watchdogs! (Courtesy of NYT; Ironic)

Content Delivery Network goes to Amazon CloudFront! So long, competition...

Even Cloud Computing faith goes out, too as Google proves it can also do downtime! I mean regularly.

Cloud (Czar) goes up and Sun (employees) go down!
Want to learn more about Personalized Clouds? Please join the Webinar this November 21 and find out about the Morph AppCloud. Register here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Recession Can't Touch News and Information

In fact, financial troubles and downturns only seem to add fuel to the news fire!

Gladwell's back with Outliers! More than having another book on success, I just love how he pulls all these statistical trivia to raise a point. Always a fun read so looking forward to getting my hands on one.

On Dead Tree Publishing: Just bought a couple of issues of Time Magazine and I admit it has really been awhile. Still, it's such a good read especially when you're lying in bed which isn't the least bit possible with laptops or netbooks even. Desktop might even be better because you can attach the LCD monitor on the ceiling and mouse wireless to your hearts delight! Stiff neck and all. [Books vs Internet.]

4 New Directions for Cloud Computing (when we haven't really tried the old one yet)

Computer science doesn't appeal to women. Period.

Facebooking? Be proud at work! Social Networking in the workplace increases efficiency. Hmmph.

Tim Brown, IDEO CEO can tell you a lot about innovation.

I'm a big fan of Karen Armstrong by way of the books she writes. Now, it's a bit bigger with Charter for Compassion.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cloud Computing: 'I'm not the Monster (It's the Web)!'

Friend or Foe?

Ahh, the talks about the risks of not being in full control of your data and cloud monsters yet one only has to look at usual web activity to find out that either we are too gullible or simply naive that we often supply passwords left and right to be with the crowds.

Simply put, the web is a trap by nasty spiders with different agendas or pieces of thread we use to connect us to another branch. Again, there's no worry - because being trapped is still much better than the lonely life we abhor.

Can we trust startups
Twitterank Creator Speaks

30-days-later-Apps: I'm not sure they can be trusted but they sure work for the RWW guys, I assume.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prolonging the Scary SaaS Agony

More growl than bite.

5 Questions to Ask before Going SaaS

Valid questions. Yet, moving into new technology is like going to uncharted territory but I'd rather be optimistic about it despite the pitfalls. A lot like life.

I've written my thoughts below for each of the 5 questions.

1. SaaS-based Apps will never got the full route of traditional full-featured sets. That is why it's lightweight. So narrow the expectations because fact is, most never use the complete features anyway!

2. Sure you can include IT, but a SaaS App that is too complicated isn't a good app to start with. Lesson: It should be simple enough to use that it doesn't need to be put inside a box along with instruction manual.

3. The majority of SaaS Apps are, continually, a work in progress (or perpetual beta as most would term it) but yes, be sure you can move in and get out with little fuss so you or your company won't get burned. Then move to the next tempting SaaS app

4. Capex vs Opex. Truth is that in the long (as in years or so) run, SaaS Apps will cost more than buying outright traditional licensed software applications. Think of it as cost of updates and maintenance of software to current hardware specs so it never becomes obsolete. It is still way better than buying 'new' software set every 3-5 years without feeling that something improved really. Caveat: You can always opt out to try others without shelling out that big investment.

5. Integration issues? These will eventually take care of itself because that is what IT departments do - wrestle with integration issues regularly. SaaS or no SaaS. It is a matter of adaptation and you know what happens when you can't adapt. In a year or two, most legacy apps will be gone anyway (replaced by you know what).

Web: Make Me Happy.
Web 2.0 Summit is a Wrap. Is it possible to have President-elect Obama speaking next year? On the other side, how about Palin? Ayayay..

Pocket-sized Projector! Whooo...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cloud of Hope and A New Era after the Elections

'Change is in the air'. Need not say more.

You'd have to be so caught up in your own private shell to not give a rat's tail on the results of the US elections. Although I am not counting instant cures to economic ills should Monsieur Obama win, it somehow represents a break from the past - something that is highly unthinkable even a few years ago.

However, should it come to pass that things don't go the way of pre-election polls, I'd rather not dwell on it ...

Catch history unfold via socialmedian

Stumped on how to beat the recession? Do it the Google way. [Insert cloud here]

Other happenings:

ApacheCon US 2008 - your fill of Open Source goodness! Heard about Maven? You might want to check it out as it is being presented there, too.

Not to be outdone, RubyConf 2008.

More Rails goodness like Ideas FTW ! Hmmm, it's about ideas really.

Or you may want to check out the Rails-based Open Source Apps running on the Morph AppSpace for yourself or for your department. One-click of a button and it's deployed and ready for use. [Disclosure: I work for Morph Labs so you may want to just cross the preceeding sentence if it groses you out. Yaay.]

Booksale, err Forceface.
UCC: Union of Cloud Convenience! I now pronounce them Chuck and Larry!

Social Media and Recession: Incompatible because there's no ROI? Louis says no. Second that motion.

Find out what 'bloody Congo in your pocket' means. Wake-up call.

I repeat, economic experts do not exist!

Free isn't going cheap. May I add that it's because focus is on getting short-term results and voila, ROI.