Saturday, July 19, 2008

No Sense of Sin, Yet.

It is like going to the 'event' of the century and all the people are friendly but then I just stand on one spot freezing and doesn't know where to start. That's Friendfeed for me and I bet for some other misfits, too. Help is here, sorta.

Open Cloud Standards. Now, we're talking sense. I don't see it happening soon and maybe the one to set it up isn't a company yet like a Black Swan or something but it is all good. Or maybe, just maybe, an open sourced PaaS player can fill this up for now - whatever the cloud ....

Oh, NYT on EC2

Cloud and Social Media aside, the Personal Knowledge Base is somehow lagging in terms of emphasis but I think this one's pretty important, too. Personal indexing like your own personal library connected with every facet of your own interests. And automating it. That kind of s*cks but it does make sense. I feel robotified already.

Metrics: As if our very lives depended on this so might as well learn about it. Like Kraftwerk music on a garage. And it is still good music. But mechanized.

Radian6. I just had a demo of this a couple of hours ago and it rocks big time. This has got to be the coolest tool for eavesdropping legally and anonymously. Like big brother for benevolents. Like traffic monitoring for an entire city, giving you the locations where you need to step up and drop in. Social Media teams (and PR, too) has just been handed an equalizer. No more unfair advantages, big spenders. Great design graphics, too!

Now, is there a way to list a conversation or comments standard where you can pick which best phrases to use for a type of discussion? I bet there will be. As long as they have the personality of Wall-E married with that of Anton Yelchin. Look it up and he's that good.
Post Rank. Looks simple and promising.
          (Learn more about social media platforms.)

Speaking of graphics, what you dread has never looked so cute. Yiying Lu and FailWhale. Maybe Plurk should also ask her to design something for them like uhm a Segway surrounded by bicycles. I feel for them really.

And for something really meaningful. You should take Phil's challenge. I just can't but maybe you could.

Happy Weekend!