Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mean Lean, Green, Portable Cloud Machine

Amazon Outage caused no data loss; except loss for words to describe frustration. What outage? Ask and it's Morph Appspace customers. Nada. And Phil's right on this one on the solution.

Frustrated or just plain link-baiting: Lacy isn't SaaS-sy. Slog, she says. Say what, Bob? Schadenfraude.

Cloud PC, Ultra-Portables and Web Tablet? This isn't OLPC but it would be a worthy alternative as long as the price remains within reach for mere laboring mortals like me. No more aching backs and software clutter that you rarely use - given that you are aware that there are some that is actually installed. First out of the gate, the CherryPal. More.

: While competition continues to creep on Twitter, see who's making the most of it.

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