Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Bangers: CERN, Facebook, Clouds and SaaS

Big Bang: Whatever this is, it must be important? Playing advanced physics is the CERN Project.

As we move closer to f8, let us revisit how the much ballyhooed platform has performed after being touted as the next big thing. Oh and if anybody is into Ruby on Rails and would want to put web apps on it, you should definitely check this out. Morph Appspace

Print and Publish, Web-Style. Lulu and Scribd. That means easy.

Cloud Computing.

Computing the cost. Will we ever come to a standard rate?

The Invisible Infostructure
. Sound good.

SaaS creates cloud computing alternatives. Like proprietary platforms? Why can't we see more open source ones. I know, it's complicated.

Does this SaaS app sound like 'Terminator' or something wickedly cool? Don't ask me as I also don't have any idea what it is. Registro!