Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Offline Cast Spell Online (or is it other way around?)

Even if I'm scratching my head over this, the results of the survey isn't as far-fetched as it seems. Digital Influencers may be flesh and blood after all!

Moral of the story? Get a life!

Yahoo, so not dead. Future more Open-ended with Yahoo!Mail! Me, I just wish that the mail loads faster...

What? Out in five years or so. Start growing trees to chop again and protect your data for life! CloudAve has a point that your data is safe even from you.

'Holiday, celebrate' ... but always keep yourself reminded by way of others using Remindr.

Cloud User:
Introducing IBM Virtual Linux Desktop. Dang!

Team Viewer for Desktop Sharing

DeskAway. Collaborative Tool for Teams!

Holiday's 'What Not to Buy' Guide! Sorry, Santa, you could make it double wishes next year!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Get me some Holiday Fix 2008

No doubt, Holidays can be a source of dreadful stress, too. It isn't just the shopping nor fussing about gifts but the difficulty of managing time to accomplish all of this while keeping that focus on important work concerns.

Anyway, persevere. It only comes once a year and it can be all worth it once you see how your actions help spread the cheer!

Yeah, right.

Seriously, best fix I have discovered is to watch a Christmas presentation by some kid you know - if you don't have a kid of your own. It's enough to bring you back to the reason you care to celebrate and go through all the trouble in the first place.

For those who take their Tweets far too seriously, you might be eligible for the 'Shorty Awards'

Facebook just got shinier with it's winning apps. The 5 Best - According to Votes.

More list! Top Ten New Web Services of 2008!

It's not just comments and participation, it's passion! It's intense debate!

Andy Wibbels discusses Online Marketing and it's not just traffic!

Web Inter-Operability - Big Boys minus Google! Ho-hum.

It's Cloud Computing for now!, says Economist, unless Walmart goes into hardware!

Chrome comes out of beta. Would version for Linux and Mac not be far behind?

Having trouble with your Wi-fi at home. Optimize and check this out!