Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog-a-bond: When Twitter becomes the norm

It will take more than a moleskine to fire those blog posts into published ones.
It is easy to have thoughts about everything - what's happening with the government, the latest movies that rocked, schoolmates who unusually performed contrary to expectations and mostly about anything under the sun, cosmos included. Yet putting those thoughts into some form of notes do require more than quick thinking. It takes something else more deliberate like putting things in a balanced perspective. In other words, it isn't easy. Content never is. Twitter and the like and yes, even blogging, too. So as everyone has drifted more and more into filling up 140 character tweets (like myself), blog-weariness has spread. Ouch. But here are 19 reasons on why not to ignore blogging even if you're very much into Twitter. And my 20th reason? Blogging, as another form of writing, is therapeutic. (In case you're into gaining followers fast, check this post from our friends at Twiend)