Saturday, July 5, 2008

Universal Status: In(ter)dependence Daze

Tell us what you're doing: Nothing much, really?

So-shall u Network? Tired of going over your different social networks and typing the same number of characters to say what you're doing exactly at the right moment? You're in luck as there's this growing number of ways that let's you update your status by just going to one site. Check here, courtesy of ReadWriteWeb.

Cloud Security: Doggedly, until people feel safe. But there's a feeling that it's just a matter of time before everything gets hitched on it and not because it can be proven to be really, really secure but more on the realization that people have been ceding their security and privacy (much like US citizens who accepted the Big Brother -type laws under the guise of Anti-Terrorism). Anyway, here's Gartner.

Cause you gotta have F8! Probably the biggest event after today, especially for Developers. Check it out.

Oh, forget independence so you won't spoil the festive atmosphere.