Saturday, July 26, 2008

Slaying the Beast called 'Complacency'

How? Don't know all the solutions. It may start with drive or perspective but I'm pretty sure it involves insight and what better way than to read.

Top Ten Concepts Every Programmer Should Know. The should just hooks most people but what the heck, it won't cost you a thing to read. Here.

15 Sites to cut-Start-up Operating Costs. No dice? Pitch to Paul Graham.

Productivity Lists. We can never get enough of but root word to success in all of this might be discipline.

From Zen Habits.
From Lifehack.

10 Gadgets to Gear them up for school. It may not make them earn honors but they'd have a great time at school they can't afford to not be there.

Eco-czar: Sometimes 'think locally' just won't suffice to make it leapfrog as a top priority.

And just in case you have the patient to read through all of these, you might want to check out fitness to go with the busy desktop personality.