Thursday, July 10, 2008

Twin Featured: To sub me at work so I can camp for an iPhone

iPhone goes iCloud. "Apple's strategy to becoming a cloud computing/ platform services provider". Won't be surprised if the waiting line goes way up the atmosphere - not just for consumers but developers wanting a piece of the apps pie.

Cloud Computing Book? Believe the hype.

Cloud Computing sites you may want to check out. One and Two.

Structure 08 Recap: Not just silver but gold in them clouds.
Lively: It's like who killed Roger Rabbit for regular sites. Sorry, OSX support not yet included. Tiny-URl alternative and more.

If you have plenty of quality Flickr photos, be happy. Time to cash in.

How to be Top-Digg. As if we don't know. Techcrunch does and seriously employs minions for self-serve buzz.

Be Unreal.

Mirror Image in the Real World. Amazing. Improv does it again.