Saturday, July 25, 2009

CTO: Chief Twitter Officer

In blackest day, in darkest night ...

I take Twitter seriously. In fact, the first thing I do when I open my Mac is to read twitter messages and updates then search for news, articles and posts to tweet. It all sound simple but it can be quite challenging, too especially if you have some other work to do. Or a bunch of unread email - which is akin to putting out fires.

And the next difficult part after that: Blogging. Whew.

There's Help! An 18-minute Plan to Managing Your Day. I've resolved to try this. Bear with me.

Twitter Value. Read on how Social Media brings business ops to small biz owners. Of course, there's skeptics!

The NYTimes interviews David Novak of Yum Brands. Insightful read for managers. I'd be happy and definitely approve if my kid would want to work for him.

Speaking of which, you still have time to vote for the Best Leadership Blog of 2009. Difficult choice but going through and reading all of the nominees makes YOU the winner.

John Barry: WD-40 Popularizer Dies Very useful thing. I bet you have at least one can in your house. I do. An empty one.

Wicked Cool i-Google Comics Themes!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blurbs: Blogs Not Dead, Just Turned into Zombies

Unthinkable! No not MJ! What's scarier is when Blogspot dies and all content gets lost.

It's not that Steve Rubel is completely right when he says that blogging is dead, given that Posterous is awesome. A more chilling statement for me would be that may be the one dying along with JS-Kit and other commenting tools past 140 characters. Wordpress may endure even further given that it is more into CMS and can morph itself according to the needs of a website.

It's not as if blogging has changed radically because it still is not as easy as it looks. Sure, the tools are there for the taking but writing, which is at the heart of it, will never be a simple task. It takes commitment and better yet, inspiration. Given that Posterous allows publishing even easier, it will not come as a surprise that blog posts and comments or points of view will combine and leave us with tidbits or blurbs.

On another note, Twitter isn't blameless either. Besides the shorter character limit, Twitter allows you to push content instantly the moment you tweet something which cannot be said of blogs. But like blogging, don't let it fool you that Twitter is just like dipping into hats and magically, rabbits will appear. On the contrary, it's just as difficult to look for relevant content to tweet as you have to scour the sites like crazy - something to feed the info-hungry followers.

And when I said looking for content (on an average of 7 per day per twitter account), I also meant 'reading'. You'd be in luck if you can find 7 out of 7 immediately.

Building 43 solving the blog conundrum by the blog brigade led by Mr. Scoble. Commendable.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Word Power - Techie-style

Accepting the James Joyce Award? True!

Sharing with you an article on tech buzzwords, enough to make you pull a fast one and fool lay people who doesn't know the difference between a tweet and a twat.

Which begs the question, "Why is Twitter not included?" Must be that alone deserves an article of it's own.

Speaking of buzzwords, this isn't exclusively tech but it might as well be because it's free. Catch up on the debate!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Firefox Upgrade Is Shiny (Like Chrome)

What's not to like about the new firefox 3.5 update? Regardless, you're still going to do it because not only is it faster with new features to boot and before you complain incessantly, it's not like you'll be paying for it. Just feels weird to see it more Chrome-y. Oh and that's a complement.

More from Ars Technica here.