Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cloud Triumvirate ( not teh Celtics but sort of)

Not simple but putting up a Big Three can get you the trophy

Cloud Triumvirate and don't think you're seeing a ghost. That's Yahoo, alright. Remember, the company on top of naysayers' list. Live notes, for those who care..

If anybody still has doubts on the eventual march to the cloud compute era better build your own power generator and keep on hoarding those network servers you find. Otherwise, wisen up. This is no bandwagon, this is a freight train!
But don't get hyped up; instead, in the future, you will just have to 'take the cloud for granted'. Like air, bad backs, open source and getting scr*wed by politicians who get elected time and again... Ughh. Fortunately, you can be life savvy...

And other cloud 'hype' that you might want to dust off ...

Make way for 10Gen. Like the trio above, they're pulling (and pooling) for open source.

Open Source Cloud.

To remind us that they are still relevant and not just some view or vista.

With the cloud, there will be changes says
Alistair and he's right.

Anyways: Before we all choke on hot cloud air, there's also this 'print newspaper demise thing'. I am a big NYT reader and they just seem a good match for my taste (if it means getting hyped-up, whatever that is). So if you're interested, let's save (them) and buy 'em out.