Tuesday, October 14, 2008

VC Bubble Bath [Valley Corleone's]

It is not going to be an easy battle. Despite the repeated calls to remain upbeat, a cloud of pall about the financial crisis is spreading. One just has to look at the web content and realize that, indeed, bubble talk is upon us. So says the VCs or Valley Corleone's.

Now what? We search for good things and fool ourselves until we morph reality into something better, besides it is all but a cycle. Optimists united. Here, here and here. May your tribes increase.

Internet enabling Freedom is an excellent start!

Ever heard about Jetty? You should because it's something more people would be using in the future without even knowing it. Hint: G Phone... and a Java force.

Before: Bike for fun and fitness. Now: Bike because of crises. Here are the hottest bike gadgets for the gearheads. Salivating.

Strangelove: Social Media and the Influence of strangers