Tuesday, October 7, 2008

[Smartest] Marketing both Best and Worst News

Jon Stewart looms large

I'm so happy to finally be able to use a layout coming from the creative genius Derek Punsalan. While most of his blog themes are for Wordpress, this hasn't stopped Blogger Buster from tweaking it for the blogger users. Amen to them.

Businessweek trumpets the Best of the Web 2008. In a world that's topy-turvy, the Web remains stalwartly optimistic. True.

Moore's Law is an oft quoted term in tech. Do you know what it means? In-depth piece from Ars Technica.

Why the flow of innovation has reversed? Consumerism.

. When sending Powerpoint and Keynote aren't enough.

No joke. TB is deadlier than ever. Jame Nachtwey has compelling shots to prove that the world may be in for a pandemic.

Hot. John Battle has hit a 'smart marketing' nerve and LinkedIn is where the answers are now at!