Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cloud Movie: Coming to a PC Near You

What constitutes viewing pleasure? Small is the new big!

To be sure, there lots of videos you can find online and which a lot of people can watch for free. Yet, for the most part, most of this are jut TV or DVD material that were uploaded for the scrimping public. While there are film "auteurs" who have dabbled in bringing quality videos to those video sharing sites, it is no doubt that big screen directors haven't really grasped the magnitude of drawing on the long tail. Why? Maybe they hate pirates.

Now comes Wayne Wang, bonafide film director who in a surprise move has put his film, Princess of Nebraska in Youtube. Learn more about the film here, which debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.

This ought to be a must watch, not just in terms of Wang's directorial quality but for the universal impact of financial woes, both for the film's protagonist and just maybe the entertainment industry, as well. Truly ubiquitous cinema!

Do we see any video sharing site offering more than 10 minutes of movie time? It could mean taxing bandwidth and storage space but then anything is possible. Perhaps, cutting into manageable strips will do. Just don't forget to show them the revenue model.