Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Right, Wrong or Immoral: It isn't about Tech but about Selling Out

Over at GigaOm, Mr. Malik has again written an interesting post that successfully started a re-examination of priorities within myself. I call these types of discussions and posts as conundrums for 'things that really matter'. As it is, these types of things just keep coming at you from all sides, online, offline and even in dream state.

And there lies my 'working' answer to that 'moral' question, that it is always and will be a personal battle that we all will continually wage upon ourselves. As they say, the greatest of victories is self-conquest!

So what then constitutes immoral? Not sure what it is but it is often tied up to 'money, riches or commerce' when given priority over things (which made me realize how the word 'sell-out' is indeed, an appropriate term. Go figure.)

But hey, it might just be me. Care to challenge or better yet, share your own insight, please ...

Side Notes:
A Payne in the Ask: Internet is built Wrong! and Twitter is Right?

Holy New Testament! The end justifies the means working here.

Arise ye Global Cloud! (from the Economist ... yep, economy, err, money, there goes morality again. Woot.)

10 Impressive Rails Apps: I still have to check them out but by the looks of it, smells like cash, nothing wrong with that!

Managing IT during a downturn? Careful about the word - counterproductive!

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