Friday, October 3, 2008

Tech Releases [itself] from Financial News Grasp

Had too much of bailouts and Wall St. blues? Sure, we can't argue about it's importance and the implications of a meltdown [as Sarah Lacy found out] but that doesn't mean we can't turn and look at the brighter side far off the economic woes.

Nintendo DSi - Too late for Christmas but exciting gift nonetheless.
Trust for Online Merchants trump Offline: Ha!
: Because we love Free
Google: Moderator rises in time for these free-for-all debates [then comes clean]!
Harnessing the power of the lens. The Telescope is 400 years old.

Morph Labs at the Philippine International IT Expo 2008. Driving information technology solutions for Philippine business and enterprises.

Jerome Gotangco presenting on Opportunities of SaaS & PaaS