Friday, October 17, 2008

Despite the Revenue to Show for IT, SaaS Plays Second Fiddle

Saas-ssssteppin' Up


Name a SaaS App that has made the Web roll over its tail and basically create one event after another just to be able to come up with a consensus definition that is obsolete by the end of a quarter.

Tell me it's not Google Docs. You might even drop the name Salesforce but then fail to come up with a single App to feel giddy about.

But that is how it is with SaaS. Like predator searching for its prey, it has remained quiet and agile to net those enterprise deals.

Now, should the web world continue to crow about cloud computing or is about time that SaaS and a legion of web apps take the lead? Anyway, both have same goal: disruption and a new way of doing things (and save everyone money, too).

If you want, you can stick to proprietary...

Using prudence and cloud resources to get what cloud computing can do for you