Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cloud Summit: Sold!

Wonder what's on the latest event menu?

For cloud watchers, the Cloud Summit probably appears to be the event that gets you right down to a front-row seat to excellent discussions about cloud impact on technology. This is cloud community! Wow.

One only has to look at the agenda to see that this is a no-frills gathering of thought leaders. Still, give it to the peddlers who will always find it difficult to restrain themselves. I don't necessarily think they have a different agenda, though. After all, 'ROI' remains the most adopted company byline.

Sold on the cloud? There are quite a number of ways to look at it, from the summit perspective.
  1. People, who can't get past the labels, finally can come up and agree on a definitive cloud description (not just visible mass of droplets or crystals frozen in the atmosphere). What's the sound of one hand clappping?
  2. Cloud computing is tech future and not just marketing hype. Really!
  3. Cloud looks all business - eyes on the enterprise. It is also about 'torch passing' - breaking off from current practices. That is why it is called disruptive.
Thankful for Mr Tom Foremski for taking us there and seeing business opportunities. Plus, check out Thomas Claburn's post as IT departments, as we currently know it, takes a hit because nobody listens on bulky stereo sound systems anymore and cloud, my friend is like the iPod!