Thursday, October 30, 2008

Expires and Inspires


Are you a part of the millions who've wished for a 'paper-less' society'? Sure seems we're now all green with pride but apparently, I'm not as happy as I would have liked and mourning, as well. I wish the New York Times and the other beacons of journalism find new revenue schemes. Honest.


Just posted about the recent RailsRumble winners yesterday and finally, got to check most of the apps featured already. Love most of the rails apps featured for their zen-like approaches and design yet if I have to choose which is my favorite, I'd say it's InspiresMe. (although I got that from the first commenter!)

How it works?
Like signature rails apps, it is quite simple. Type in 'What inspires you?' and then you'll be shown photos and videos that are tagged by what you wrote! It's like fun open searches for new media, nothing definitive.

Like a sort of fan base, I can see networks forming around specific 'inspires' which really makes sense. I won't be surprised if they pull this app and plug it into facebook or twitter because that is where plenty of people are at already.

What really made my jaw drop?
Mark Bao. So young and brilliant. There's a world of potential for this kid and the things he'll do.

Jury Still Out:

Found this one (via social-cache) about Pepsi. Not sure how the public will respond but I'd say that the Coke re-branding worked nice and smooth. Familiar with Turner Duckworth. Maybe not, except for their work.