Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Elixir of Life

It has been 12 days already since I started coughing, well most of us in the household fell ill within that span. Maybe it's the germs or the decreased body resistance but whatever it is, the pharmacy sure made a killing on us. The strange thing is, I don't feel I've recovered yet. I may have been taking the wrong kind of medicines or maybe it must be age telling me to keep it slow. Well, try telling that to my kid. I think she holds the answers. Let me just try prying her off me and get her a real horse or carabao, instead.

Anyway, can't stop now...

Wonder is an Elixir of Life. And Science can take you there most of the time.
Wired on Science

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Productivity and Fun:

12 New Rules of Working You Should Embrace Today. Maximizing web connectivity. That said, my internet was down for almost the entire weekend. Nuts.

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