Friday, September 5, 2008

Innovation Trouble at the Silicon Valley? Move to Portland!


I know that Judy Estrin is just promoting a book but it really is something worth reading and discussing not just with tech companies in Silicon Valley but more importantly, among educational systems globally, too.

Really took some time to digest as many posts I could find on her book and even on other ideas about innovation yet the one thing that really struck deep is the value of 'embracing risk' as a support to innovation (see video). Indeed, there seems nothing better like comfort and financial considerations to whet the appetite for further ideas or need to find a better way but pretty soon we all have to face the consequences of a bland life if we let it be.

I get up and nothing gets me down...

I just wish that more societies and companies do place importance on keeping innovation among its priorities. Maybe it would be in the form of rewards or incentives, who knows? But we need leaders. It's the only way to go in order to create a dynamic, living world.

I wish I'm doing my share starting with these resources.

Scoble video with Ms. Estrin.
Accidents lead to Innovation paper from MIT.
Scott says it isn't innovation but sure is close...

Web and elsewhere

Has it been a decade already? Happy Birthday, Google! Want to know if what you're going through is normal? Here's a guide.

Facebookers, beware. Malicious Apps out to spoil your fave pastime.

Tired of yapping blindly over online chat while showing someone how to use a site. Use Screen2.

You're a much organized person obsessing over your Twitter friends. Twitly - groups for Twitter.

Metrics, stats, and data will never be boring again! Highly-recommended! ManyEyes. If you need help, visit Rich Hoeg's site for excellent tutorial on this and many more at E-content. Cannot say enough and thanks to NYT for the feature...

No more MuxTape, boohoo RIAA! Next please, TumblTape!

Another thing we can't get enough of, free file-hosting. File Savr!

Blogging 101. IBM-Certified.

There's plenty of reasons to fall in love with Portland! I remember talking way back then with a visitor who was from there and actually raved about it. He said that it has the warmth of a small city, very unlike El Ay? Me, I'm a big fan of the new Blazers especially the team this coming season with Roy, Oden, Aldridge and Fernandez. Hope they bring in some wins and make the playoffs. It sure does seem Portland is getting a lot of looks and love these days and great to hear that Morph Labs' going to be in pretty cool company.