Saturday, September 27, 2008

Drive, free and e-SEE

The alternatives for those who do not have the means are increasing as the web continues to evolve. Though some might say that all you need is a PC with a browser and an internet connection, more often, the most important ingredient you will need is drive.

You see, the world of the web now mostly runs on 'the introductory free". Go ahead surf, look for information, search for applications or file storage, you can find plenty that is free. Even with few less options than a premium offer, the free deal is enough to get you started while the rest is up to you.

That is where drive comes in, especially now that schools (Check out Stanford's SEE and the MIT Open Courseware) are taking grand steps to give education a bigger presence in the web. From the simple tips and tutorials coming from people and communities, institutions are beginning to see the value of spreading info and sowing seeds of knowledge. There might be only a handful where the seeds might grow and bear fruit but as more of the seeds spread, the odds continue to stack up on it being picked up and become success stories.

Like free trials or test deployments that web companies offer, there might only be a few that go the full distance. Yet come to think of it, that is all a program needs in infancy while it creates a product of value and keep on going an extra mile.

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