Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chrome -matic: No such thing as 'Just Surfing the Web' Now

I will dip my hand in the hoopla by offering my five centavos's worth - which means nothing really. I just had spent more than 4 hours using Google's new shiny browser and tried to do some good, old regular surfing. So, here are my thoughts partially done using Chrome.

1. It's big! No unnecessary clutter and the browsing window seems the biggest among the different browsers. Even the download page/tab is unusually big!

2. It blends seamlessly with Windows. Blue and white design is both Google and MSFT. You can't tell who made who (except for the logo which isn't Chrome to me at all)

3. We saw it coming and besides many have been doing it for quite some time now. It's official: URL and search box combined.

4. New tab page is a beauty but it still is no Instapaper but close. But you can do away keeping gazillion of tabs open. Neat.

5. Dynamic tabs moving in and out of Window is neat. Score another point over Mozilla.

6. So where do I install the widgets? My take? See that 'Star' shape on the left side of the URL? Insert those widgets there and and make them available via drop down options.

7. Hiding something? Good for you there's Incognito! I've read some also refer to it as 'porn mode'. Ha.

8. Haven't crashed yet. So far. According to them, tabs run independently. (Not quite, I guess. Clang, pfft.)

9. Great tool for those who have Google Home Pages. The takeover is almost complete and your personalized web stats is already on its way to the Google database.

10. Shortcuts are no problem as they are same with Firefox. No brainer.

Cloud OS? More Chrome here.