Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Strange Weather: Super Cloudy Day

Courtesy of Weather.com

People in the IT industry think that clouds isn't just about the weather anymore. However, after battling flu and a nasty cough for weeks, nature is trying to prove something that is otherwise. There maybe strange and varied reception to cloud compute initiatives coming from all directions but it is even stranger weather the world is experiencing.

Hmmmm, we'd surely prefer to take more clouds over typhoons and hurricanes any day.

10 Ways that the Cloud is good for business. Really? I thought business people and developers are scared. Podcast on cloud computing, not Sarah Palin, here.

Platforms as a Service has a list. Just asked Geva to include Morph Labs to break the proprietary monotony. Anand has another list but may have lumped Morph Labs into the locked-in group type. Think dispel.

There are those who jump in blindly and there are those who carefully thread strange and mysterious territory. Cloud bursting is just slow march to full cloud computing adoption.

20 Real-life Challenges in Cloud Computing by Nikita. Interesting and honest cloud read from what I could sense a real hands-on cloud guy.

Cloud Efficiencies : Data Ceneter Effciency and Cloud Computing Relationship.

SaaS and the mid-tail: An optimist's story. 100% SaaS isn't a problem!

Web 2.0 Questions: It includes things not to miss at Web 2.0 New York this month!

Some say it is an attempt to corner SaaS. This one says it's about clouds. Oh, Chrome! Are you or aren't you just a browser?

Cloud computing is about portability. See why people purchase laptops even at such a higher price. Mobility.

Netbooks: Shrinking notebooks for growing profits from Dell.