Monday, September 8, 2008

TC50 & Digital Intimacy: Your own trivial thing might be worth something.

TechCrunch 50: An online madhouse if ever there was one.

Find the best start-ups and launch them in front of the industry’s most influential VCs, corporations, fellow entrepreneurs and press.
A look at all the preps and coordinated online activity! Exciting!

How Twitter can help at work. It's not just a waste of time, you know.

HR stuff is never easy. Tackling underperformers. Ain't just a matter of bunny food.

Personal branding, anyone? Free ebook from Chris Brogan.

Genetics: Future commercial implications.

Chrome: An attempt to corner a SaaS market.

What has Web 2.0 brought that is really been a delight. Word clouds! Create your own with Wordle.

Social Media Marketing Examples. Just so you know it isn't fiction or something people just made up.

For most who haven't tried it, it can be a bit weird. Digital intimacy is like omnipresence in the online world. What kind of marketer wouldn't want that? Read on if you still don't get facebook, twitter and social networks.

10 Mobile Apps launching in DEMO!