Tuesday, August 26, 2008

XML Superstars, Web 2.0 Heroes and Email Villains

Long read but there's a lot of interesting posts! Making up for the slack the past few days...

Social Media Hero. Let's start off with Brian Solis. He has always been generous with sharing his insights and now, his visuals.

Search for XML Superstar. I know it sounds geeky but it is also so Web 2.0. Morph Labs joins IBM on this and it is global. Check the site.

Email - always easy to be portrayed as the villain whether it's Gmail or Yahoo! Mail. I've learned to live with both though.

Iphone Superfriends: Still for iPhone developers following last week's announcement of the Morph AppSpace for third party web apps. Now, help comes in the form of plain old funding.

This is how exercise has become so difficult that even articles like this get to see light. Getting Fit Online! I'm surprised nobody uses the UPS to build those shoulder muscles fast.

Invisible no more: How to spot your invisible Yahoo friends so you can finally get to chat.

Cloud Computing: Risks and rewards. Love the comment that the only true cloud computing is done in an aircraft.

Heroes? Who else but teachers! Mostly unappreciated and underpaid. Even worse, you can now add 'censorship' (for lack of better term that I can think of) to the list of hurdles. Still, they're a persevering lot and bless them for that. Thanks to Prof. McAfee for the tip on the David Campbell 'Evolution' story.

Comic book heroes going online from print. Fine with me but will always like the mint ones.

Promising Platforms and Emerging Trends CIO should care about.

Screencast Rock Heroes. Wish I can do some of that because their screencasts are really amazing.