Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cloud O' Mania

Open Source and Cloud Computing

Join Tim O and the rest of the gang discuss this conundrum. I say we're still far from solving this one. Cloud providers, please stand up! Eventually, in 2018 - one cloud to rule them all. Nahh. Cloud's best kept secret.

Oh, but you sir, please take time to warm the seat. MSFT cozying up to Open Source.

Facebook Connect: This actually interests me. How is that? Really don't know.

Saas and Web 2.0: Mash Apps-enablement means play your own way. The PC is ours again.

But it's Web 3.0 and your PC is more than a PC. It's a datacenter.

Checking out the list of feed readers out there the past week and still on the lookout for interesting ones (Using Google Reader and Newsgator already). Question is what do you want to do with your feeds besides reading. It's all about integration but still stumped.

Feedly: Might have the best interface among the feedreaders.
AideRSS: PostRank and useful trackers are it's come-ons.
Snackr: Feeds ticker treat.