Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Iphone Complements (eg. Morph Appspace) and others that obviously don't

Jailbreak. Don't you just love the term when you can probably use the verb 'free' to get apps in the Itunes store.

Kill switch. Depends where you're allegiances are placed. Apple stocks or user choices.... Oh, big brother Jobs!

Speaking of murdered apps, this one sure is pricey.
I am rich iPhone app.

Love and hate relationship. To think it began in the Garden of Good and Evil and now in the tech age it persist.
Hate iTunes? .. or Apple in general?

Rant against the iPhone Apps platform. It all boils down to 'proprietary'.

Morph (not Nokia phone model), comes to the Apple Web Apps Developer's rescue.
News and commentary.

Olympics of course. Can't help but include
amazing Lezak

Why JK Rowling and Harry Potter books are also amazing. Why? Reading. Surprised that reading isn't as popular online.

Don't show this to the boss unless you're work-obsessed. But for those who continue to deliver, this is nice.
I did work.

Drop your files, Wahlahh. Use

Resources for word lovers from Mashable. Cool,eh.

Twitter updates just now but it's because Failwhale hasn't been sighted for lately. Twitter devotees explained.
They're called audience.

Cloud computing is changing the world. No kidding? Hope the cloud changes for the better, too.

Aside from it's obvious use as weapons of war, think Hollow Man. Woot.