Thursday, August 14, 2008

With Technology, Things Can Get Pretty Ugly in an Instant, too.

First things first. Phelps. Drowning in Gold. Greatest?

Ugly side of things.
Cyberattacks: Tech at War

iphone is now a BestBuy. En Masse. Sale!!!

All Cloud:

Before everything else,
cloud questions. Is it right for you?
It still means cloudy. Rackspace now gets it via the ugly route.

Down? Not Cloud PC, too?
Cherry Pal may take longer... Arghh. And not to take this sitting down, Asus Eee goes for cloud storage. Way to gooooo.

Cloud to Mist, Pffft:
Google Sh*ts by CogDog

SaaS Top 8. Now, this is how to play Wall Street ala Gordon Gecko...

IT Brain Food from Prof. MacAfee. On Research.
Twitter Freemium? This is not limiting me. Not at all and I'd go nuts having 500 followers.

Mozilla Snowl? I'd stay off for the meantime or defrag my brain to process all that. Aumm.