Friday, August 15, 2008

Users and Tech: Who Needs Who More?

There's an interesting post by Marshall over at ReadWriteWeb entitled, 'Does Good Tech Need PR?'

I suppose this has to do with tech inherent need to be spread to a wider audience and gain some measure of adoption and funding enough to equate with success. That's where PR comes in. But we've also read stories about natural and organic growth of certain apps or services without going through the use of PR services. So a follow up might be needed on contributing factors that increases chances of gaining 'coverage', maybe PR versus other means like pure social media.

And incidentally, more than good tech, I'd love to hear stories of people doing good work - something that benefits people and other selfless acts without the urge for citation or acknowledgment. That is what makes it different from tech, I suppose.

Pipes: Something I'd get around to trying out one of these days. Promise.

Dapper and FeedMySearch: Seems I'd have some use for it. Really into RSS these past weeks. Simplifies getting personalized content and it sure saves time for more thorough reading. It's like going to school and signing up for courses that you'd sure like to take and if things aren't great, then you move on. Tech spoils you.

iPhone: At the start of the week, iPhone has pretty much been buzzed with some stories both good (Morph Labs' Morph AppSpace and that humongous number of downloads) and bad (kill switch and few bugs reagrding hardware).

And it is just the beginning. With web apps popularity, there will sure be some scaling issues and what better way than getting metrics first taken cared of by Pinch Media.

Enterprise 2.0. use is more about culture change than ease of use so I'm not surprised that in some companies, adoption is moving at a turtle's pace. I say you cannot wait till everyone's ready, it takes political will and substantial changes in what management thinks of it. The McKinsey article.