Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cloud: Bread Talk

Others can eat tasteless cloud bread, but more just can't.

Even with the continued hype at this point, cloud computing is still far from achieving that level of efficiency people and enterprises wish for it to be. But it goes without saying that, it doesn't stop enterprises to start early.

Yet, why wait for that ideal cloud that may not take shape within the next 24 months or so? (As they found out) There's PaaS or platform as a service and think of it as 'jam' to make the 'cloud' bread palatable and digestible. That's real food for thought. Shameless plug.

Thoughts on the ideal PaaS
IBM's got clouds, too.

And SaaS
SaaS for ISV's: The final thoughts. Best if you read them all.

While others move to SaaS, there's a few moving away from it and for good cause. E-write Lite.

Grails and Flex: Contribute your thoughts and it might make it's way to a new book. Here.

I know you've got your fave software so check if it matches these Lifehacker's editors list.

See Google run... transport, that is.

My cup of tee. Motion comics, wee!