Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Value to Crap Ratio

If you feel choked with all the scary stories online, you have an option. Somewhere there's a button you can push and it all goes away but so does the few valuable things is worth your time while within the Web.

Now that economy is going bonkers, think it's fitting to replace the signal-to-noise metaphor with
value-to-crap? Then we start talking about business models and ROI ...

Google Kool-Aid just made me threw up... temporarily.

The Titanic Battle in the Cloud with Trend Micro's Eva Chen. Cloud security - not from human error.

Like a scary movie: IBM says companies expose users to threat without really trying to! Really?

There are books, there are e-book and yes, there are readers! Reading in the digital age. And for Book Gluttons - something described as social reading.

WebWorkerDaily turns new page. Welcome, Simon!

Top 5 Social Music Recommendation Sites ( and how do you define Hype Machine? Subtle)

Forbes' Barriers to Innovation . Somewhere, a VC ain't buying the idea.

Thanks to Lee and Sachi, education gets a boost online

Podcast: Cloud Computing and the Economic Climate from Nick Carr and Cloud Ave

Social Media and Marketing is same banana? Related: Forrester on companies being social