Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Internet: An End to Solitude

Is it a good thing or bad? Privacy.

I'd sure want to have my own space or private time to be able to sort my life and priorities. I'd also want the freedom to be able to spend my time focused on things I'd definitely want to accomplish more than anything else. Yet, that is not to say that it would be at the risk of putting a ban on people I'd love exchanging ideas (and pleasantries) with at most times. After all, people are social and we depend on other people for our needs and vise-versa.

It's just that we want balance.

But it seems to be tipping. And we're not entirely without blame, I guess. [I'd surely want my medical files be made available over the internet in case I suffer a medical emergency and I'm far from my doctor friend - say over a 24 hour window!]

Maybe, the Internet just got us punk'd.

Or we're losing Control.

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