Friday, February 13, 2009

In Terra Firma: Off Cloud means Offline

The past few week and a half were some of the most busiest days I've had traveling out of home and into the city since I got back to work. Whereas before, I would be able to take my kid to school during the mornings, during the past days, she was on her own - meaning she missed a lot of school save for some thanks to granny and gramps taking over school bus duties. Me, I was out without breakfast and home midnight or even later! No wonder I always get the dreaded stare! Good thing lights were off always.

So here's the log and excuse.

E-services 2009
This spanned the last 3 weeks in terms of preparation and coordination. Yup, there's email and a lot of things that can be accomplished online among the people involved but face it, for corporate give-aways, you still need that tactile feel and that involves reconnaissance. It so happened that we needed printed shirts and boy, it was a real test in patience.

Add to it the fact that I was point person for ingress and egress for our booth at the event, which is really a test of energy and endurance. Good thing, we took home some citations. Check the G2iX Blog for updates from colleagues during the event and awarding ceremonies. (Pics to follow).

Creative Commons
Spent a day at the Common Crossroads conference and it was really interesting since there were a lot of delegates from participating APAC countries. Also glad to have met local tech personalities and musicians even.

All - Hands Meet
This is an annual event and a really excellent way to sync company goals and strategies. Along with Product Managers and Executives, this also meant spending hours tooling and re-tooling keynote presentations of this year's roadmap and discussing principles found in the book 'Good to Great'. Nosebleed!

What I learned from all this?
One. It just reinforced the fact that writing isn't really a walk in the park for me. Need to be calm and well rested to piece together all those thoughts and ideas and time spent alone. Unfortunately, both were absent so bye, posts!

Two. It's not exactly all work since we also get to spend time to meet together for some drinks after office hours. Problem is I live not within the vicinities of those fun 'singing' spots which means long travel hours to get home. Less sleep, too.

Third: Band-struck and how I want a guitar :) Till next.

Gartner top business issues and technologies 2009

Ruby Kaigi 2009
Strategies for successfully deploying Open Source

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Nancy Jaime said...

get a guitar! it'll bring out your creative "writing" juices