Friday, February 20, 2009

Ooops, Hoops: Best Stories of 2009 (for me, so far).

Just found probably the two best stories for the year and it's no coincidence that it involves basketball - which because I can't play then the news, I just follow. But this isn't about the usual fare about the superstars and team wins and losses. This is about the meaningful things which I believe all sports stories can teach us. Amen to these men and the sports journalists for devoting themselves to write about these!

Shane Battier: The No-Stats All-Star [Michael Lewis for NYTimes]. Team play, the value of metrics as well as intangibles.

Amid the Grieving, Rare Act of Sportsmanship.
A touching story.

What HR Analysts can Learn from Basketball [Tom Davenport, Harvard Business Publishing].