Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coghead: Business Model Exposes PaaS Risk & other tales

The need to be vigilant ...

If there is a way to get a message across, do it with money, more particularly, the loss of it.

Look at how events at Wall Street just shook things up to get people to figure out that there's something wrong with the system so we need to re-examine things.

In the world of tech hype, cloud computing, PaaS and SaaS, having the same scenario, albeit unfortunate especially for startups, illustrates points more clearly far better what hundreds of crowd analysts can in multiple blog posts. (OK, no stopping me from sharing my thoughts here - Lock in and/or Locked- out)

Will Platform as a Service and Software as a Service be better for it after Coghead? In the short-term, I think not as doubts will again cloud the talk-o-sphere when understanding of it isn't even clear for most, let alone, companies.

But then again, to pause and reflect, has always been a good idea to get a handle on things. Hopefully, people will be able to put the lessons to work in no time and be able to figure out how cloud computing solutions can work to their benefit.

SAP is cold-blooded. No customer service for non-customers!

Future of Web Apps (FOWA) is happening!
Watchmen. Sneaky, non-spoiler post from Wil 'f#cking awesome' Wheaton!

Google App Engine has a pricing plan. They are in need of money, still?
Surrender to P2P, says Norwegian Minister. (Silent snicker..)
You're missing a lot if you haven't tried the Adobe Air Apps Now, video recording for Tweetdeck, too!
Amazon Kindle 2 bought me to tears cause I haven't got one.
Wired goes to the Oscars. Ringmaster Wolverine passed his test, I think.


Citizen Developer said...
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Citizen Developer said...

Even though Coghead demise doesn't add value to PaaS industry, the benefits of cloud computing can't be ignored anyway. There are still a lot of opportunities to leverage.
But this time choosing form offered solutions for data migration Coghead customers will be more selective.

friarminor said...

Wouldn't bet against PaaS, SaaS or any cloud solutions neither, Jane.

Small bumps are wonderful opportunities for accelerating innovation as we learn here.

Coghead customers can breathe easier now.