Thursday, February 19, 2009

Berkeley's Cloud Computing Meat, not Myth [& the 2 kids in the dorm room having a ball)

I thought it would be more appropriate to let the initial brew-haha simmer a bit before I dive right in and again educate myself. It has been weeks since I touched the 'cloud' and get some sanity back but boy, Berkeley just got it totally RAD right now.

I thought it was 'a great effort but still not encompassing' considering the amount of resources the great 'Internet' has made available. Kudos still to the team! I'm not sure they were thinking of the word 'seminal' when they were doing this but anyone posting on cloud computing at this point deep inside must honestly, feel they are.

Let's just hope the 'populace' get's it right and move on to practical usage. And yes, "Let's leverage cloud computing not for it's own sake but because it makes sense to whatever needs we have now and most especially in the days to come".

Excuse me while I chew on this bone for bit more and if cloud computing is in your plate, I suggest you do read about this a couple of times, too.

I'm skipping dessert for now...

Podcasting the Berkeley View with Paul Miller
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Non-chalantly, Nick Carr's Cloud Gazing

PS: Throwing this one in for enlightenment.