Friday, January 23, 2009

Cloud is music to my ears and vice versa...

If it sounds like I'm speaking of the web in general then it probably isn't obvious to you how the web has changed. And I mean pretty big changes even if it's too subtle to the regular user.

You see, open up your browser and you'd probably better off not doing it because for all intents and purposes, someone might just show you how wonderfully diverse and productive you can be by just being connected. There was a time that 'surfing' was it! But now, you hardly ever hear that word anymore. One is either Googling, facebooking or Twittering. If it isn't productive then no activity in the web is. No kidding.

But that is just for the bottom feeders of the web, you say. I say you missed the point, if web is information, those 3 are the tools you can leverage to refine your search techniques and take it to overdrive. Imagine getting your information about almost everything under the and beyond the sun from people you trust and almost at real time!

Yet, anybody care to know how is this possible? We're not just linking laptops and desktops here and it's not even just data servers or cable connections that make it all possible. Those were already working a few years ago but it is only now that developers and IT peeps were able to make something really work efficiently and enable you and me to enjoy all that the web can offer and not stay enslaved to his PC anymore. Heck, let's not get started with mobiles

It has been said that books take you places and the web does, too but now you can take your 'personalized web places' with you wherever you want to go as long as there's an internet connection.

And for the obsessive-compulsives out there, you may take comfort that the email you've been using for years now may most probably be the free and web-based. Sure, it's not suave as the ones that come along with a licensed software that you may have paid for but honestly, it gets the job done and you're more than satisfied with it not only because it doesn't cost anything but also because you have access to it whenever and wherever you feel like checking your inbox. And it doesn't stop there because right now, something closely related to that known as SaaS apps are creeping and spreading more quickly than you've ever imagined. It might just be coming to your business doorstep right this very minute. Pretty soon, you just can't escape it anymore.

So, how does cloud computing sound to you?

After which I then go
offline and to live and really listen [taking comfort in the knowledge I could come back whenever I want to and almost everything will still be there ...]

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