Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tech Tonic: TechSoup, CommonCraft & more

So plenty of reads, so little time...

Technology and non-profit do mix! Go Techsoup. Have to thank Marshall K and Beth Kantner for keeping the flame lit for these valuable service beyond mere techies.

Says Steve Rubel. If friends' opinions are the ones that matter most, then Friendfeed does make the most sense. Google is my friend, too. But we're not as intimate as I'd like to be.

Copyright can be all so wrong or is it? A
nything grayer than this? Better than free = Brilliant Kevin Kelly and Rasmus Fleischer of Cato Unbound

Into simplicity and learning with vids? Check out the Lefevers' CommonCraft. Four thumbs up!

And, London Calling! No Mick J or Joe S but I guess this will rock. FOWA!