Thursday, June 26, 2008

POSS Egress

Stillwater, a Zen propaganda panda, serves tea in an illustration by Jon J. Muth from ''Zen Shorts.''(NY Times)

Anyone who has participated in an exhibit knows the extent of work put into coming up with a decent and classy booth. But it doesn't give you an idea of the work entailed to tear it all down and salvage all the materials for future events. Whew. Thanks to all those hands which made the work easier.

Re-POSS link. Max L, a multi-talented journalist, whom I finally was able to meet
covered the event in his blog an includes a phrase or two from Open Source advocate, Winston Damarillo of Morph Labs!

Marching on is Reddit, now is full Open Source. Ho hum Java, too?

Java's getting Cloudy

Behaviors, Parenting and SaaS: Read and get the picture.

Twitter-addicts: Shrink that URL. Not just URL Small. And a bunch of others. And for the non-wimps, go big.

BIG as in Boston big! Click on and be awed by the big picture. Literally.

RIP. Those who perished aboard the Princess and other typhoon victims. Ghastly. Prayers and thoughts for the families.