Thursday, June 12, 2008

QuickEeds is Google-certified

Library of Congress. How I'd love to stay there and read my time away and Google occasionally, too.

I've always thought that deep is kind of cool to say about a person. But looks like using Google isn't helping promote deep reading which Nick Carr has a beef with. Same feelings here. Information overload but honestly, it may well because I'm not satisfied with the top of search lists. From Google, I go Gobble.

If it is being a smart(-@ss) that you want. Google some more and JB thinks it still has value.

Tom Davenport realizes that it's no use battling new media and we now have the attention span of kids so KISS (Keep it Short and Simple). No more Cervantes novels for now, just JK Rowling and Dan Browns. Bless them all authors.

Parting shot.
Knowledge isn't wisdom :)

Speaking of which, why not go analog.? Go for the napkin. And I don't mean sobbing. Via Garr Reynolds who is a Zen Master himself.

Going to an event? What do you look for after the title? Topics or Sponsors? Like most people, marketing pitches during events drag me down but so do bland presentations. Here's Dave and Dennis on upcoming Enterprise 2.0. Ironic that they can't collaborate. I think they both mean well.