Thursday, June 12, 2008

Condensed, says Shaun!

Cool way to spell condensation, don't you think?

How secure can the cloud be? Fairly, says Alistair Croll and based on info he has regarding AWS recent "off the air" stint, this might be security attack. Now, Simon wishes a situation where you can easily switch would be a perfect foil to such cloud malice. Agree.

Lost count already but Web 2.0 and clouds are selling like pancakes. Still we look forward to couple more.

Can social media really translate into dough? Scoble asks the same thing about some other things a company does. Talk about lessons in corporate brilliance, eh.

Big in Japan' is happening June 20-22. RubyKaigi2008.

The world of intangibles will govern that of the hard. Kevin Kelly's online book, New Rules for the New Economy. Go read. Just in case you haven't yet.

Lego - Shaun from CoderKev