Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ruby is Hot-rod Red or Red-hot Read, Whatever.

I've recently come across a bunch of posts for newbies who would like to try their hand on Ruby or Ruby on Rails. Regardless of your motive, no doubt that the buzz that Ruby has received the last few years has contributed to its ever-growing popularity. Thanks to the web, you too can become a much sought after Rubyist or Rails programmer. You just have to put the necessary effort to learn the program which is touted to use the least effort and code. Bit of a tongue-twister there.

A List Apart
You can never go empty-handed with A List Apart. Found two (2) fairly recent articles for Ruby/Rails newbies written by Dan Benjamin and Michael Slater, respectively. Read both so you will be able to find out how to sign up for a free online learning course.

Getting Started with Ruby on Rails
Creating More with Less Effort using Ruby on Rails

If you're like most people who are too busy to search and click for references, you may want to head over to This one is about as comprehensive as it gets from reference materials to news and even Rails hosts should you be able to succeed in building your very own apps.

Last but definitely not the least, head over to Ruby-Lang.Org and complete your research into Ruby, the Programmer's Best Friend. Try your hand in their 20-minute tutorial and be prepared to get hooked.

Still not satisfied, eh? OK, you need to haul off your butt and pray you're in time for Satish's class at Ruby Learning. Read through the testimonials and it will give you an idea of how interesting this site is for aspiring Ruby-wannabees. What's more, resident Ruby Guru is one cool teacher.

Now, 'scuse me as I build my own Jarvis. An armor suit definitely is a welcome breather for visions of 'men-in-tights'.