Tuesday, May 20, 2008

If Content is Mostly Written, Why Not Make the Process Cool

Writing can be such a chore. Most resort to gimmicks to further their writing or blogging career by being caffeinated or by going into seclusion. Others, by letting it all hang out and going into trance hoping the words redeem themselves as it strings into cohesive phrases. Never mind if it fails to make sense. If it does, well and good. If it borders on mumbo-jumbo stuff, call it poetry or creative writing.

And if you plan to go otherworldly and would like to add a dash of hacker feel to it, why not try Dark Copy? It bills itself as a simplified writing tool that harks back to the days of using the simple typewriter. Me, I like it because it makes me feel like Neo.

But if you belong to the really old-school type, then sign yourself up for an account at Penzu. It gives you the look and feel of writing on paper, complete with lines that can take you back to the days of sending love letters without actually harming any tree. Too bad you can't fold it into a plane and send it flying through the air. (But that would be a great idea for a UI, don't you think?)

By the way, you can also publish whatever it is you write online by signing-up to Morph helpMe. But you already knew that, don't you.

PS. You don't need to install any of these applications to work. So in a way, these are similar to a SaaS app offering.