Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tabbed: Quick Eeds

Old habits just don't go away. When it comes to browsing the internet, I have my own quirks. It comes from being a really long-time dial-up user.

Using Firefox, I was amazed that it can do multiple tabbing instead of opening new windows. Not only was it more organized, it also freed my bottom toolbars (we're talking PC love here) from those incomprehensible boxes with first letters.

Anyway, since internet time was precious money saved then, I kept opening tabs as I was reading something. As long as the browser can handle it, I tabbed away. And that is how it still is with me. Now, let me share some of it here.

Green Issue
Carbon footprints and the like. Most people won't act because they think they're puny enough to make a dent on improving the situation. No prob for me, call me Don Quixote.

It's addictive once you get to find the value of it, both personal and in business. It's in the mid of some big dough funding thing and then this issue creeps in. Baad timing. Well, the rest of us can just tweet about it. Until the next major downtime! Can you pencil that in my Twistory?

PC now refers to...
Personal clouds. Whaddaya, think? And this isn't some form of weed... Just flaunt of wealth, in my opinion. Lemme say again,"Green, green, green".

This one's as dragging as the film, Remains of the Day (totally,just didn't get it or maybe it just isn't a date movie back then). Now for some respectable press opinion of it, here.

Even if this didn't come from Steve Jobs' branding idea, it still does pack a lot of 'kwan'. Kwan = something that customers would buy. Non-admittedly it seems. Psystar - the brand is just so eighties, like me.

And I've save the best for last. This is something personal. A kindred being to my LinkedIn profile. Real cloud stuff and it's from the Philippines. Way earlier than the PaaS buzz we hear today.


Reading collected from the New York Times, Techcrunch, ZDNet, Forbes and Washington Post. Newspaper naysayers, take that!